Arm Internship

Austin, Texas

Task 1 - Duration: 1 Week

Read documentation on how to run a benchmark, setup Git/Gerrit pre-commit hooks, and learn the mechanics of Juju (anatomy of a charm).

Task 2 - Duration: 1 Week

Flash Mellanox NICs with updated firmware and confirm that it can PXE boot. This required a lot of ipmitool, bash scripts, and reading Mellanox documentation.

Task 3 - Duration: ~8 Weeks

Re-write software infrastructure to be compatible with newer version of Juju. This meant re-writing almost the entire Python codebase that automates the recreations of benchmarks on readily deployable machines in a server lab to be compatible with a newer version of Juju (the teamโ€™s deployment system). In addition to re-writing for newer software infrastructure, my job was also to migrate the code to Python 3, document the whole process, design changes to a team of 25 people.

Task 4 - Duration: ~4 Weeks

Create software to automate flake8/pylint codestyling on Gerrit patch set updates and provide in-line feedback on the Gerrit front-end. This was accomplished through the use of Jenkins and about ~400 lines of Python automation code. This task required a lot of string parsing (Regex), reading Gerrit API Docs, and desigining a well-engineered process for auto-linting.

Task 5 - Duration: ~3 Weeks

Designing algorithm to estimate benchmark run times given a yaml experiment file. Thought of idea to use chi-squared independence test to decrease estimation time by an average of around 700%

Important skills learned/improved:

  • Software Development Life cycle - Research/Learning, Development, Code Review Process
  • Strong Coding/Scripting Skills
  • Python, Bash/Shell scripting
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Using statistical tests to increase efficiency of calculations
  • Oral Presentation Skills
  • Computer architecture and Workload Analysis


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