Hack Illinois 2016

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

Automated Room Occupancy Counter

Winner of Intel’s most Innovative use of Intel Edison Board at Hack Illinois 2016

The site for this project is live at . The code can be seen here.

Total time spent: 18 Hours


The goal of this project is to provide an automated occupancy count of a building or room that can be accessed wirelessly through a website.

Real World Application

The principle idea is to be able to detect and track the number of people entering and leaving a room in a given building (for now, the building of choice is ECEB). This tracker device would be placed in all rooms in the building. The number of people present in each given room would be sent to a website and displayed for everyone to see. The website will eventually include floor maps for the building with the number of people within the room. For the future, all buildings on the University of Illinois campus would be included on the website, giving a bigger scope for the student. This would allow students to have a live feed for any available study rooms in the buildings of their choice. Something similar is present for EWS stations but those are very limited.
If this device was installed in each room of every building on campus, the data of the device could be used to visualize the occupancy patterns of buildings on campus…down to a single room. Architects could use this data to improve the efficiency and designs of their buildings, Now that is awesome!

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